Edward Francis Osta

Program. Director and Industry Fellow (Petroleum Engg.) , UTM, Shillong

Name :-   Edward Francis Osta

Designation :-    Industry Fellow

Overview of Profile:

Oil Field Experience In Indian Oil Fields

ONGC – Onshore oil fields (Production and well services 1968 to 1992)

ONGC-Offshore oil fields , Mumbai (Production and well Services 1992- 2002)

Last position held in ONGC – GGM, Chief Well services

Oil field experiences –Abroad

Deputed by ONGC to TPDC, Tanzania for well testing 1972 --1973

Deputed to E&P Companies in Sudan , as ONGC Secondee for (3 years) in GNPOC

Employed by Holding companies GNPOC, WNPOC, and SUDPOC in Sudan, for further 6-1/2 years.

Fore Front Area of Research:-    1. Well drilling and completion in US: M/s Baker , Louisiana M/s Camco. Houston , M/s IMINOCO ,Iran & MDI, Gurgaon organized Management training in MDI and in various European countries
2. Deputations and Business visits Deputation to Sudan already mentioned ,Italy, US (GOM, Tarpon, SSI) , Beijing
3. Conferences abroad, WPC and SPE in Canada

Email id:-   edwardosta@utm.ac.in

Experience:-    Oil Industry 43 years, Teaching 4 years

  • Awarded by CMD, ONGC for controlling well fire